Welcome to Best Built Trailers!

We are a family owned business and we take great pride in our Concession Trailers and if you look closely you will see the difference between ours and the others… Our Trailers are built from the ground up to be a Concession Trailer. No converted cargo trailers here. When you get your Manufactures Statement of Origin  it will read Concession Trailer not enclosed cargo trailer. We are the Manufacture. We are so proud of our trailers that our personal name CL Whigham, goes on every trailer that is built.

Our trailers have:

  • Screwless and rivetless side panels

  • 1 inch high density styrofoam insulation
  • 2 X 6 square tubing for the frame rails

  • All high quality steel tubing

  • No channel or angle iron

  • Aluminum siding

  • 3/4 inch treated plywood  flooring covered with polished aluminum diamond plate (Vinyl is available)

  • Galvelume roof

All of our trailer frames are mig welded on a jig table to ensure a fit and finish that is durable and second to none, built to last! Our trailers are 100% mig welded for a clean splatterless weld that is smooth and strong.
We only use first quality brand name components.


Come by for a visit, we would love to have you drop by and see how we build a great Concession Trailer.

We also sell concession parts windows, doors, axles, tanks etc.